Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about this Photography Project. If you can't find an answer you're looking for, please contact us and we'll help you out.

How do I get more information?

Please plan to attend an Information Meeting will be held on March 30, 2019 at 10 a.m. at the Wilder City Building. We will cover all the ins and outs, and dos and don'ts and answer any questions you may have. We will also be prepared to register photographers following the meeting.

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Where is the Wilder City Building?

The Wilder City Building is located at 520 Licking Pike 41071. We will meet in the conference room on the lower level in the back of the building. The room is handicap accessible.

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What is the subject matter for photos?

This is a publication that will portray all of Campbell County on one select day in 2019. We foresee that this book will be referenced for generations to come. The photos that will be selected for publication are those that best show a specific element of the County. Subject will be a more important criterion than creativity.

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What day do we take pictures?

All pictures are to be taken on April 27, 2019 from midnight to midnight.

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Will there be prizes?

There is no payment or prizes for photos submitted. However, photographers who submit photos that are chosen for publication will receive a free copy of the book.

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What do I get for submitting photos?

There is no payment or prizes for photos submitted. However, photographers who submit photos that are chosen for publication will receive a free copy of the book. Additionally, inquiries for prints of the photographs will be directed to the photographer for prints of their photos.

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Who owns the copyright on my photos?

You will own the copyright for any of your photos with a release to the Campbell county Historical & Genealogical Society for inclusion in the book and for marketing purposes. All photographs will be added to our photo collection and small prints may be sold by us to researchers with no further compensation to you.

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Do I need a release for pictures submitted?

A release for our purposes is required from all photographers and all photos selected for publication will require a release from any subjects in the image if required.

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When do I submit photos?

Photos must be submitted between April 27, 2019 and midnight May 5, 2019 to be considered for selection in the publication.

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How do I submit photos?

Photographs are to be uploaded through our website Click to the Photography Project to find the Photographers Section to upload. When submitting, you will be prompted for your Registration ID. Click the Upload Photos button, enterinformation about your photo including the location, who or what is in the photo and any other description about your photo. Once the informational boxes are completed, Click "Choose File" and follow the prompts to complete your submission.

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What are the criteria for photo submission?

Photos submitted should be high quality jpg, jpeg, png or tif files with 300 dpi resolution or higher to insure the best print quality.

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Do I have to register to be able to submit photos?

All photographers must be registered for submissions to be considered for publication. This provides contact information should we need additional clarification on any of your photos and assures that the correct photographer is credited in the publication.

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How do I register?

Photographers can register at the Information Meeting on March 30, 2019 or through our website.

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Can I submit more than one photo?

There is no limit to the number of photographs you can submit.

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Who is publishing the book?

The book will be published by the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society.

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When will the book be available?

The book will be available in November 2019, just in time for Holiday gift giving.

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How will the book be distributed?

The book will be marketed and sold by the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society through our website and a marketing campaign scheduled for late 2019 which includes media coverage, postcard mailings and a book signing event.

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Who decides which photos get chosen for publication?

Selection for inclusion in the publication will be decided by a committee of the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society.

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What happens to photos that are not chosen for publication?

All photographs submitted will be added to our photo collection for use by amateur and professional researchers. Photos will be tagged with information about the photo and credited to each photographer.

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When will I know if my photo(s) have been selected for publication?

All photographers will be notified about the inclusion of their photos into the publication at the end of the selection process which is expected to be at the end of July 2019.

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Saturday, March 30

Information Meeting

10:00 AM

Wilder City Building

place 520 Licking Pike, Wilder, KY 41071

An informational meeting will be held in the Wilder City Building to provide details and explanations about submissions, copyright and releases and registration. Open to all.